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Matteo Renzi return visit to Rohani and Italy sign 6 more agreements with Iran

Officially welcomed Prime Minister matteorenzi & the high-ranking <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Italian?src=hash">#Italian</a> delegation. <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/ConstructiveEngagement?src=hash">#ConstructiveEngagement</a> <a href="https://t.co/xjkFwes1pe">pic.twitter.com/xjkFwes1pe</a><p>â€" Hassan Rouhani (HassanRouhani) 12 de abril de 2016

The relationship between the two countries has rekindled this year after the lifting of international sanctions that hung for years about Iran because of their nuclear program. The agreement reached between Tehran and the P5 +1 international group (the 5 major world powers plus Germany) allowed to reopen the Iranian economy to the world.

First leader of a European Union members to visit Tehran since the lifting of the sanctions, the Italian Prime Minister was met in Tehran with military honors, but the highlight of the visit will be the signatures of new trade agreements between the two countries, sponsored by the respective heads of Government. As Rohani when he visited Rome, Renzi was accompanied by a delegation with about of 250 business and political representatives.

#Italy‘s PM, Matteo #Renzi heading a 250 member delegation arrives in #Tehran. pic.twitter.com/ITuniVaPpD

To 30 agreements concluded for 3 months in Rome and evaluated in about 17 1000 million euros, now were signed six more. Rohani expects Italy will be the main European partner of Iran. Among the new arrangements, there is one in the area of rail rated at 1000 3.5 millio n euros, but Renzi stressed that everything needs a better line of credit and finance between the two countries.

Hassan Rohani said the country has made progress in the banking industry, but still needs greater lightness of processes to get some details. "Still suffer from some psychological effects of time of sanctions," admitted the Iranian leader.

"I performed my first European tour to Italy and the visit of the Italian Prime Minister underlines the message from both countries of expansion of their ties in such areas as the economy, science and culture," said Rohani.

Italy’s Renzi becomes first major leader to visit Iran since sanctions liftedhttps://t.co/28HRsBvkFh#realiran pic.twitter.com/8wiry4H3Ut

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