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Mozambique: Prime Minister admits error in withholding the IMF of debts in the public accounts

"We need an opposition in Parliament that makes day and night Parliament attacks elsewhere," said Carlos Agostinho do Rosario, at a press conference, referring to the Mozambican national resistance (Renamo), and the conflict that rages in the country's central region between the defence and Security Forces and the armed wing of the largest opposition party.

Mozambique: report reveals ' hidden debt ' of 1.6 million #economico #de pic.twitter.com/RLYIjOUMfb https://t.co/kMbEptyhjt 1000

The Mozambican Prime Minister regretted that the Executive has hidden the loans to the IMF, to the people and Parliament, but also mentioned the period that the country lives, "atypical and unique in the world", in allusion to the Renamo.
"We could have done better," admitted Carlos Agostinho do Rosario, "but revealing questions of sovereignty and State security in atypical conditions like this, it is very difficult".

The Prime Minister pointed out also the transition of Governments in early 2015, as another cause for the concealment of loans backed by the State.

The transition of the Government, he said, led to the current Executive "had knowledge of every file to pieces" and that information took time to be consolidated and shared.

"It went bad, we could have done things without compromising the security of the State," said Agostinho do Rosario, adding that, in meetings between the Mozamb ican Government and IMF, last week in Washington, was asked advice on the sharing of military and financial statistics, in good time and in a transparent manner, while maintaining the sovereignty of each State.

"We're going to work together to improve the system of transparency, public debt management, so that don't happen more identical situations," he said.

The Prime Minister stated that, after their passage through Washington, was not asked for any audit, only "sharing information about the debt in order to assess the health of the country, giving account of the intention of the Government to be transparent and provide information to the people and Parliament and" listen ".

Mozambique donors meet in the coming da ys to assess disclosure of debts

However, for Carlos Agostinho do Rosario, the most pressing issue the country if debate is peace and poor productivity, in a context in which the Mozambican economy is being shaken by the devaluation of the metical, rising inflation and the condition of importing four times more than it exports.

"The most important thing right now is to ensure peace and that Renamo if disarm. With peace and Renamo unarmed, can produce. We can't be distracted by debts, "he said.

The Government confirmed Thursday the existence of debt guaranteed by the State, between 2013 and 2014, from 622 million dollars in favor of the Proindicus and of 535 million dollars to Mozambique Asset Management (MAM) for protection of the coast and of gas reserves in the North of Mozambique.

The pair of these charges, the Government still recognized the existence of a bilateral debt, contracted between 2009 and 2014, from 221.1 million dollars, "in the context of strengthening the capacity to ensure the public order and security".

Here are 8 of the #Proindicus boats. Are in the port of Maputo since September 2014 and not "protect" anything. pic.twitter.com/FC4kGglQAq

In total, there are about 1000 1.4 million dollars that were not reflected in the public accounts and that led the IMF to suspend a mission that had predicted the Maputo and the disbursement of the second tranche of a loan to Mozambique.

The Mozambican Prime Minister was meanwhile in Washington to provide information to the IMF and World Bank on the new debt, the following technical meetings to a full clearance.

The case of the so-called hidden debts sparked a wave of outrage in the parliamentary opposition and civil society, which require public explanations of the Executive and an investigation of possible criminal responsibilities.

The police backup was justified by the convocation of a manifestation, through anonymous messages on social networks, calling for the shutdown of the capital. A protest against the huge debts guaranteed by the State for the purchase of military equipment and out of public accounts.

This is ridiculous! Tension in Maputo for 2nd day running. Armoury vehicles on streets ahead of an anti-govt protest pic.twitter.com/nv8DvTLUtf

As happened on Thursday, the police has strengthened its presence in the main entrances of the capital and were also visible armored rapid intervention unit, special riot police force.

Part of trade closed and it was early in the morning a notorious a substantial reduction of students headed for schools, in a capital with the appearance of a weekend day.

Several testimonies they gave also the account decreased availability of means of transport, which will also have contributed to the reduction of the usual flow of people entering the city.

Maputo city wake up calm and with few cars on the streets https://t.co/U7XMWY8YEx pic.twitter.com/x8WMHk7VGx

On Monday, the Mozambican police reported the intention to crack down on any illegal marches, referring to anonymous messages circulating in social networks calling for demonstrations against the recent discovery of huge debts incurred by the State in secret.

With the recent discovery of debts over the heads of the Assembly of the Republic, circulating in social networking messages calling for rallies, one for this Friday and another inviting the Mozambicans to "paralyse the country", between 03 and 07 may, dates that coincide with the visit of the Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Mozambique.

The rise of prices of essential goods took the two riots in Maputo in 2008 and 2010, leaving a trail of destruction and several killed in confrontations with the police.

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