sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

UN says situation in Aleppo has deteriorated so "catastrophic"

Jan Egeland, who heads the UN humanitarian assistance mission in Syria, said that "there is a large number of civilian lives at stake. There are so many health care professionals and assistance to be hit by bombs, dead or injured, which is also at stake the lifeline of millions of people ".

The United Nations classified the attack against the Al-Quds hospital of Aleppo as "inexcusable", pointing out the suspicions to the Syrian regime, like the United States.

The spokesman for the u.s. State Department, John Kirby, said that "has all the indications of the type of attack that the arrangements made in the past against treatment facilities and the rescuers".

Th e Organization Doctors without borders, who supported the hospital, denounced the destruction of the "primary centre of reference for pediatric care in the region."

The MSF's communications coordinator, Sam Taylor, said that "the best feature that existed, for women who would give birth and sick children, ceased to exist. Was the reference point for the entire region of Aleppo, for the 250,000 people who are trapped and that you won't find such good alternatives like the one that was destroyed ".

Taylor pointed out that is the seventh hospital supported by Médecins sans Frontières to be attacked, since the beginning of the year.

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