terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2016

Fatal ascent of Everest

The latest victim is a climber of 43 years, victim of exhaustion.

On Saturday were discovered the bodies of a Dutch climber and an Australian teacher of 34 years, victims of "bad" mountain in the so-called "zone of death".

There are still two people missing and 30 people with injuries, due to freezing.

The climbers died during the descent after a deterioration of weather conditions, after they have reached the peak 8 850 metres of altitude.

The climber Katja Staartjes explains: "the evil mountain is caused by lack of oxygen. The body begins to react. Normally, the brain an d lungs cease to be irrigated and the consequences are fatal, mostly ".

The Everest climbing season began may 12. Nepalese authorities were expecting a normal season, after last year's earthquake and avalanche of 2014 have nearly destroyed the tourist sector of the country.

The Nepal received 3.1 million by climbing 289 permits issued to foreigners this year.

Since 1953, the ascent of Everest was fatal to more than 300 people.

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