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France: police vehicle torched in day of protests against and in favor of agents

A police vehicle was attacked and set on fire in Paris this Wednesday, the same day that the agents were all over France against "the hatred" that they claim to be victims by some sectors of the population. The incident, classified by the Government as "very serious", takes place when France goes through strong social tensions and watches the violent demonstrations against the Executive, because of amendments to the labour law.

But the manifestation of this Wednesday, organized by the unions of the French police, aimed to express the revolt against the authority agents who understand how a "contempt and hatred". But the movement was then confronted by groups who denounce Human rights violations allegedly committed by police during other events, such as the student protests that have been happening in France in recent months.

Citizens, police officers, come many protest against hatred anti-flic Wednesday, may 18, 2016 at 12.00 h Place of...

An appointment by one of these groups, the social collective "Careful, our police killer" was, however, banned by the authorities, but about 300 people, according to the AFP, concentrated near the manifestation of law enforcement officers, chanting slogans against the police, calling them "pigs and murderers" and shouting that "everyone hates the police."

Burnt police car: an amateur video shows the violence of the attack of the casseurs

Not far away, about 15 people broke the Windows of a Renault Scénic with two police officers on board, the driver was attacked with sticks and batons, launching after an explosive which eventually leave the vehicle on fire. One of the attackers assaulted yet, several times, the agent who was driving the vehicle, which defended himself without recourse to any kind of weapon. To date, however, managed to escape the car.

The French Ministry of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, (internal affairs) subsequently announced the arrest of four people, three of which have already prevented from participating in demonstrations because they are considered as potential violent elements. Two of the detainees have 19 and 21 years. The Minister Cazeneuve said that "new arrests should take place soon." Opened an investigation for attempted murder.

Bernard Cazeneuve brings his "total support" to the police

The demonstrations against the violence that cops say suffer were organized in 60 French cities. More importantly, the capital, was attended by 1000 participants, according to the agents who protect colleagues or 7 1000 protesters, according to these, in Republic square, where the protest movement against the French labour code reform, the movement Nuit Debout. Across the country, hundreds of police officers gathered also in Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille and Bordeaux.

The French authorities say that more than 350 members of the forces of order were injured since the beginning of the demonstrations against the new labor law, during the last two months.

Despite the good image that enjoyed before the French society after the Islamist attacks in January and November 2015, the police has suffered heavy criticism in the French press after being released several videos that expose officers mistreating and abusing demonstrators, some of whom students under the age of 18 years. About 30 of investigations were opened against agents for alleged abuses in recent months.

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