domingo, 29 de maio de 2016

France: Strikes lead to gasoline shortages

The arm wrestling between the Government and trade unions, on the amendments to the labour law promises to continue in France.

The strikes in the fuel sector threaten to paralyze the country.

Six of the eight major French refineries are charts or working below capacity, according to the French Union of Petroleum Industries.

The Feyzin refinery, South of Lyon, turns over 5 million tons of crude oil per year. Since Friday, like other refineries in France, does not produce absolutely nothing.

With the fuel escassearem, the public begins to rebel against the unions and strikers, who argue that they are just exercises the right to fight for the most favourable working conditions.

"We're not getting with people as hostages. We are exercising our right to strike to fight the Government's proposals on that law. We are in favour of the removal of this law. We are a strategic refinery. So, in fact, it is understandable that it would piss people off due to a shortage of gasoline, but we are not responsible for the lack of fuel, "says the federal Secretary FO Fédéchimie, Jean-François Vapillon.

All over France the scenario repeats itself. Service stations are deserted for lack of fuel.

Example, the French oil company Total reported, this Friday, that of 2200 petrol stations, which has in the country, one third are in total or partial rupture and 66 have been ordered by the authorities to provide priority services.

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