segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2016

Migrants: week particularly tragic and intense in the Mediterranean

The tragic balance is advanced by witnesses and by the United Nations agency for refugees. Among the fatalities are also 40 children.

Without wishing to reveal the identity, an Eritrean who survived a shipwreck explains that "friends said that it would not be easy and that I shouldn't try", but he "didn't believe" and decided to "try on" the crossing. He adds that "it was very bad," but that "it would have been worse to be in the country of origin, because if he had stayed, now would probably be dead."

The NGO Doctors without borders estimates even though the number of fatalities reached the 900 in the last week, marked by a calming of the waters of the Mediterranean, who favored the crossing attempts and resulted in the rescue of 14,000 peop le in the same time period.

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