terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2016

Outbreak of enterovirus in Catalonia holds 21 children

Just last week, the Pediatrics Hospital Vall'Hebron in Barcelona, will have served about of 60 cases, of various seriousness. Since Friday, eight children were discharged and no record of new hospitalizations in this unit. The alarm status is widespread and the Catalan health service have received hundreds of phone numbers for suspected infection.

In the last few days has not confirmed any new case of #enterovirus. There are 21 admitted, 4 of which are in the ICU pic.twitter.com/oVtdKF0ynR

The most characteristic symptoms of an infection by enterovirus are similar to those of the flu: fever, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. In the most serious cases, infection can degenerate into paralysis.

The transmission happens through the bodily fluids, especially the saliva. The family of the polio virus, enterovirus attacking young children, whose immune system is still under development. In the absence of a vaccine, prevention of infection by enteroviruses requires certain hygienic care how to avoid touching the mouth or the nose, wash your hands often, using SOAP, and dry them with disposable wipes.

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