sábado, 14 de maio de 2016

Russia denies doping program overseen by the Government

The Kremlin has already denied the charges that Russia has used a doping program overseen by the Government itself in the last winter Olympics, in 2014. Was the Minister of sport, Yury Nagornykh, who denied the report published by the New York Times: "the Russian sport and the Russian Federation do not have any kind of doping program and have never had one before or during the Olympic Games in Sochi".

According to the newspaper, have been benefited dozens of athletes, including at least 15 medals. Alexander Zubkov, who was in the history of the Olympic Winter Games as the sixth rider to win the domestic double in bobsleigh, belies: "This smearing my name in the world of sport, in this global elite ... Destroy what I did for the past 15 years. I've never been accused of having violated the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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