quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2016

Sanders and Trump winners in the primaries of West Virginia

The presidential candidate Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the primaries Tuesday in West Virginia. The former Secretary of State loses pace on the March towards the Democratic nomination, but continues to be the favorite.

A result that recalls the Clinton victory can be difficult in industrial States, with a population of working class.

Polling continues to be clear: Bernie is the strongest candidate to beat Trump. pic.twitter.com/xxWfCCFyme

Donald Trump has won without difficulty in West Virginia and Nebraska on Tuesday. The presumed Republican nominee will meet with party leaders on Thursday, among them the speaker of the House of representativ es, Paul Ryan.

After Ryan have said last week, that is not yet ready to support Trump, this replied that must reflect whether you want Ryan to preside over the July Convention of the party. In an interview Tuesday on Fox, Trump went back to say that Paul Ryan should preside over the Convention.

The speaker of the House of representatives accepted the olive branch: "it's going to take more than a week to repair and unite the party and I think that what we want is to sit down to talk about how to join the Republican party."

The Democratic primary in Nebraska took place in March and gave the victory to Bernie Sanders.

Trump is getting closer t o the necessary number of delegates to the Convention, a total of 1237 delegates.

The Democratic candidate needs to win the nomination delegates 2383 in the party, and Hillary Clinton has already 2228.

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