sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

Cameron plays his political future in a referendum Thursday

Prime Minister David Cameron voted this morning in Westminster, London, after winning a battle to get to review the "contract" with Brussels, particularly by limiting social benefits to immigrants in the country.

David Cameron and his wife Samantha have cast their #EUref vote

The man responsible for the referendum and supporter of YES to staying in the EU, was one of the voices evoke the "chaos" diplomatic and economic of a ' Brexi ' ", during the campaign.

In Scotland, the first Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who threatened to call a new referendum on independence in case of victory of ' Brexit, also voted this morning in favou r of YES, accompanied by the husband.

I've just voted #Remain - I did so with head & heart because being in EU is best for Scotland. You've got til 10pm to #VoteRemain too #EUref

Also in favour, albeit with some reservations about the European social project, the labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, also voted this morning.

I've just voted to Remain. The EU provides the best framework to meet the challenges of our time #LabourInForBritain

A vote in mourning of the party, after the murder of labour mp Jo Cox, last week, at the hands of an extremist.

Cox's husband, said yesterday that Mrs was killed because of the pro-European ideals and pro-immigration who always defended.

An incident that reveals first of the intensity of the divisions in the country when, according to the polls, the 10% undecided shall be decisive in the final outcome of suffrage.

One of the most popular ' tweets ' of the campaign Remain ", published on comedian David Schneider, shows some of the leaders of the pro-life campaign" Brexit ", stating:" instead of thinking in the country regain control, think about those who will hand over power ".

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