sábado, 11 de junho de 2016

ErdoÄŸan shortens visit to the USA, "humiliated" at the funeral of Ali

Although there is no official confirmation, all signs point to the reason for the sudden departure is a disagreement with the organizers.

ErdoÄŸan wanted to take the floor and reciting some verses of the Quran, but this was refused. The embarrassment was even greater when the Turkish President wanted to deposit a piece of the Kiswa, the cloak that covers the Kaaba of Mecca, in the coffin of Ali and also wouldn't let him.

During the ceremony of homage to the boxing legend, who died a week ago, ErdoÄŸan did not hide the air noticeably upset.

There is buried tonight in Louisville, Kentucky. ErdoÄŸan returned to Turkey. The trip caused some stir in the Turkey, th e target of a new terrorist attack this week.

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