quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2016

Euro 2016: British and Russians under an eye because of violence

The British and Russians are in the spotlight because of the violence that originated in the first round of the European Championship.

The Russians settled in Lille for a new challenge of his team against Slovakia but only minor incidents were reported.

5 Russian fans beats tens English #Euro2016 #lille pic.twitter.com/9upCt3naIJ

Before the challenge there was optimism. "I think there will be clashes between the ultras but not between normal fans like us. So, I think we won't have any problems, I hope, "says a fan.

"Who want to fight go fight, who don't want to, as these t wo girls, don't do it. They will just wander through these sites to smile, "says a Russian. The two girls say wait "a good atmosphere, a friendly atmosphere. For example, yesterday, we spent our time with Germans and Brits and we sang together ".

And as in almost everything, it is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff and the party unites football crowds, even of different Nations.

But there are always troublemakers.

The French authorities do not facilitate, and have the potential violent fans under mira.

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