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Jordan: 5 killed in attack near the refugee camp, 1 suspect in custody

The attack happened by 7:00 a.m. (4 A.M. in Lisbon). The fatalities, according to the local news agency, the Petra, are three agents of the Jordanian security services, a sentry and a telephone operator of the station.

Gov’t Spokesperson Mohammad Momani said the office, in Baqaa refugee camp north of Amman, was attacked around 7am by unknown assailants. 3/3

Initial suspicions of Jordanian Government spokesman, quoted by Petra News Agency, pointed to "a terrorist attack". "Is a good example of criminal behavior and the extremism of these terrorists," he said at the time, Muhammad Momani. The first evidence collected by the investigation of the General Intelligence Department (GID, the acronym in English) now point to an isolated attack with reasons yet to be clarified.

Al Momani: Terrorists target Intelligence office in Baqa’a .. first lead https://t.co/eCwCggMJUT #JO #Jordan #Petra

Minister: Suspect involved in attack on GID’s Baqa’a office arrested https://t.co/d82CFvYkNL #JO #Jordan #Petra

A former Jordanian Deputy Mahmoud Kharabsheh, condemned the attack and considered it "an act of cowardice". "I can assure you that this was a tangential attack carried out here because they have not been able to reach important targets. That's why I attacked the outpost of Baqa camp, situated on a main road, the Irbid, the road linking the Jordan to Syria, "he explained.

What do you know about Baqaa â€" Jordan’s largest refugee camp? https://t.co/s3nOfmk7AA pic.twitter.com/CwNLxLwhOy

Baqa is the largest Palestinian refugee camp of Jordan. Created in 1968, after the war that led to the founding of Israel, is home to more than 70,000 people. The suspicions of the origin of the alleged terrorist attack fall in a growing friction between Jordanians and Palestinians or descendants compatriots in a revenge "Affiliate Daesh", the self-proclaimed terrorist group Islamic State, due to the participation of Jordan in the United States-led military alliance that fights the "jihadists" on Iraq.

An investigation was launched Monday to attack security post near the refugee camp. Local media are getting ahead of the arrests of at least two suspects.

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