terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016

Ramadan tragic in Fallujah

Every day, many risk crossing the Euphrates River to reach a relatively safe zone where they are being installed the refugee camps.

Civilians are in the middle of a war, not only in combating Islamic State, as within pro-Government forces. A leader of the Shiite militias that are supporting Iraqi troops accused the forces loyal to the Government of treason due to divisions within the joint force.

Do the fasting of Ramadan, for refugees, will be an impossible task, since for there must also be fast food: "this year we can't do fasting, because for that we also need to eat and we have nothing. Before, they gave us some Fava Beans and lentils, but in the last four months get nothing. Only there are bars of SOAP and detergent powder, everything stored on trucks and hasn't distributed anything, "says a woman.

As in any situation like this, it's for the kids that the situation is more difficult. This Sunday, two children drowned in the Euphrates along with his mother and a man, probably the father.

This is one of the very few routes that exist for those who want to leave the combat zone. The offensive on Fallujah began just under two weeks.

“At midnight, I grabbed my children and we ran.” Aid reaches thousands fleeing the fighting in #Fallujah, #Iraq.https://t.co/e4Fs8McTEu

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