terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016

Switzerland says no to Universal Basic Income

The Switzerland rejected, so massive, Universal Basic income (RBU).

In the Sunday referendum, 76.9% of the voters voted against the initiative that would allow Switzerland to become the first country in the world where the State would guarantee a minimum income, regardless of whether or not to work.

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The participation rate was fixed in 46%.

Despite the result, the promoters of the initiative are met.

"More than 20% means that one in five people see that as being the right direction. The idea is set and the concept is launched, "says one of the promoters of the initiative, Daniel Hani.

"I think the result is already there today, but it's the people, their smiles are the image of this beautiful party. Is a positive emotion, the notion of a desire for change, towards a new society ", shoots one of the supporters of the RBU

Although the text of the initiative does not propose a concrete value, prosecutors maintained that each adult got 2500 Swiss francs, the equivalent of EUR 2255, per month, and children 625 Swiss fra ncs, which amounts to EUR 563.

Opponents argued that the initiative as well as having an excessive weight on the economy, went against the values of the work by favouring those who don't want to contribute to the evolution of society.

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