domingo, 19 de junho de 2016

UK: Justice accuses Thomas Mair of the murder of Jo Cox

The British formally accuse Justice Thomas Mair, 52 years ago, the murder of Mrs Jo Cox. The suspect must attend this Saturday before the Westminster Court judge.

The British police focus investigation on mental health of the suspect in the murder of Mrs Jo Cox and his relationship with the extreme right.

Although the motives of the murder have not yet been clearly identified, the mental history of suspect and probable ties with right-wing extremism are the priority line of the investigation, according to the Commander of the West Yorkshire Police.

"We are aware of the speculation in the media about the suspect's mental health problems this is a clear line of inquiry. We are also the information about its links to the extreme right an important clue in the investigation and hopefully these two lines help to find out the motive of this attack against Jo ".

If the political motivation of the attack will be the first in the United Kingdom since the ' 80, 90 time that such actions were attributed to the IRA (Irish Republican Army).

On Thursday, British MEP, of 41 years, mother of two, was attacked by gunfire and stabbing in Birstall, in Northern England, having departed in the wake of the injury in a Leeds hospital.

Cox was a partisan of the permanence of the United Kingdom in the European Union, whose referendum will be on November 23.

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