sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2016

UN report recognizes genocide of Yazidi Kurds in Syria

The Group Islamic State (EI) continues to carry out a genocide against the yazidi community in Syria. The complaint was lodged Thursday by the independent Commission of inquiry on human rights in the country.

A report, based on interviews with 45 survivors and dignitaries in the field, shows that the Group remains enslaved more than 3,200 children and women Yazidi Kurds in Syria, shifted to the strength of the Iraqi province of Sinjar (bastion of community).

#ISIS crimes against #Yazidis qualify as genocide. States have an obligation to prevent and punish genocide.

According to the Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro, who heads the i ndependent Commission of inquiry, "the abuse of Yazidi men, women and children by the Group HEY reveals a genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Since the attack the Sinjar (in August 2014), until today, the HEY wanted to ' delete ' the Yazidi Kurds through murder, sexual slavery, slavery, torture, inhuman and degrading abuse and forced displacements, causing mental and physical damage ".

The document, sent to the UN Security Council, also denounces the disappearance of thousands of boys and men of ethnic-religious community â€" whose monotheistic creed is inspired by both the Christianity as in Islam â€" considered heretical by the Islamists.

The UN Commission of inquiry requires that the evidence be referred to the International Criminal Court to open a case against the Group Islamic State.

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