sábado, 18 de junho de 2016

United Arab Emirates teach Ramadan to foreigners

The population of the United Arab Emirates is nine and a half million people, of which only 11% are native.

Officially, the Emirates accept any religion, since the Foundation in December 1971.

Abdullah bin Eisa Al Serkal, director of the Centre, said: "we have millions of unnatural wide living in United Arab Emirates. It's a very unique, very cosmopolitan. These people need to know the culture of the United Arab Emirates. "

According to Islam, Ramadan is the time of year of spiritual purification, patience and self-control. Requires fasting from food, drink and sexual relations.

The program, 90 minutes, is done during Iftar, the daily breaking of fast time after nightfall, at the time of the night prayer.

The Center points out that the idea is not to convince you to conversion, but rather increase the Exchange and cultural understanding. Each participation implies the payment of about 30 euros.

Some expatriates living in the Emirates have attended the program. A Spanish citizen says: "very open, very welcoming. Mixed a bit with everyone we spoke with them, we were able to ask questions, anyway, are people like us. In daily life we don't have much of a chance to talk to them, so this is interesting. "

Another expatriate says: "it's a part of our community, we live here in Dubai. It's all abo ut a community living in harmony. Peace, love and harmony. "

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