sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

United Kingdom: vote for the "output" of the EU declared winner

With less than 25 of 382 constituencies by measuring, the British media have announced the victory of the field "output" of the United Kingdom in the European Union in the referendum Thursday, with about of 52% of the vote.

The polling stations in the United Kingdom closed yesterday at 22 hours-local time. A record number of 46.5 million voters were registered to take part in this referendum. Official estimates indicate a turnout above 72%.

Voters was placed the question "Should the United Kingdom remain as a member of the European Union or to leave the European Union?", noting february 1 options â€" "Stay in the European Union" or "get out of the European Union".

The polls, which by the end of may would give advantage to "Remain" ("Remain") for the first two weeks of June pointing to a victory for "exit" ("Leave"), on the eve of the referendum a technical draw, with a slight advantage to the "Stay": 45% by 44%, and 11% of the undecideds.

The first projection, advanced by the unofficial company YouGov gave the victory to "Remain", with 52% votes, four more points than the Eurosceptic camp. Another study, carried out by Ipsos MORI and also published after the close of polls, gave an even bigger margin in favour of the continuation of the European Union, with 54% against 46% in favour.

But, as the ballots were scrutinized, all indicated that the projections if they were mistaken, with the United Kingdom around a step feared not only by the Government in London as European partners and global markets.

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