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Vice President of the United States: athletes and sportsmen

Both campaigns have begun to vet potential vice presidential candidates discreetly. However, the American commentators play charades daily and try to paint the future, try to read the tea leaves.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the names most cited by experts. But remember, when choosing candidates for Vice President, the presidential campaigns love machines create surprises to be subject of conversation for as long as possible â€" what causes the establishing of a list of possible candidates is even more fun!

Bernie Sanders-the Socialist Senator from Vermont would be a formidable Vice-President, if Sanders and Clinton could bury the hatchet of war and overcome the rivalry that has been growing between the two fields of the primary campaign. So far, this sign of peace from Clinton was dismissed by many experts, who believe even unreal, but make much sense politically.

The last thing Clinton needs is alienate the crowd of supporters of Sanders. If they decide to stay out of the race, Clinton will be in a dangerous position and near miss in front of Trump in November. Therefore, she needs to give energy to the base, take part of the "agenda" of Sanders (which, anyway, is near) and close ranks with the left wing of the party and the flag for 74 years the identifies.

If Sanders would be happy as Vice President and would be willing to lend its unexpected star power Clinton, is the question that everyone does. He hasn't ruled out that possibility. May be your only way to influence the agenda of a future Clinton administration. The alternativ e would be to go back to the Senate, where the recent presidential have been seen to fall quickly into oblivion. Just ask John McCain.

Elizabeth Warren-if for some reason Sanders sit out as Vice President, liberal senator from Massachusetts would be the next viable alternative. Warren was the darling of the left wing of the party, before Sanders takes the stage, and many Democrats still prefer her instead of ex-independente Senator from Vermont.

Warren, a Harvard Law teacher, who built his national reputation to fight for financial protection of middle-class families after the financial crisis, would certainly liven up the base. But there is always the danger of a candidate be upset with a party colleague, who was the recipient of the widespread support for entering the presidential race.

However, there is a "women's issue": can America be ready to, for the first time, a woman as President, but will be ready to have women in the Presidency and Vice-Presidency?

Sherrod Brown-the Senator from Ohio, one of the most liberal in the upper House, would appeal to many of the voters of Sanders who believe that Clinton is too moderate. His appointment could be a strong signal that Clinton seriously considered important issues of working-class families. In addition, Brown can contribute to that Ohio will tip for Clinton.

Brown is very popular in his home State. Has already shown that it can be an effective campaigner, bruising, which knows how to attack opponents without alienating voters. This 63-year-old man could be an invaluable asset in the fight against the expected Trump, who said it will use all possible weapons in the campaign for President.

Tim Kaine â€" Virginia is another State that can unbalance, another State that Clinton must win. Former Governor Tim Kaine may be the person who helps Clinton to have this victory.

Kaine could contribute with much experience. The former Governor of Virginia and former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, knows the pitfalls of political campaigns and business. Has a good reputation in the u.s. Senate, where he gives special attention to issues such as national security and foreign policy. Is fluent in Spanish, spent a year in Honduras working with Jesuit priests.

In other words, it is made of "president ial fiber" and can become Commander-in-Chief at any time. "There is no quality more important than that," said Clinton, recently in an interview.

Julian Castro-If Clinton wants a more exciting candidate, will certainly take into account the Secretary of housing and urban development of Obama. Castro is young, handsome and Latino. He may not be able to bring to Clinton his home State, Texas, traditionally a conservative bastion, but could help hold Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado, where latinos account for between 14 and 18% of the population.

Castro's youth (41 years) could be attractive to the "Millennium generation", which largely voted for Sanders in the primary. He appeared on political radar when he made a speech that was well received at the Democratic Convention of 2012, and became the "rising s tar" of the party. Its position in Obama's Office has not contributed much to make him a household name in America, but got the attention of Clinton.

Newt Gingrich â€" former President of the House of representatives, where he was 21 years old, is a longtime rival of Bill Clinton in Georgia is a favorite of Washington political bets. Gingrich, who led the "Republican revolution" of 1994 year, would bring conservative credentials necessary for a candidate whose social point of view is often liberal.

Gingrich would contribute a lot to calm the nerves of the party apparatus. Would strengthen the support in the South, where increasing percentages of African-American and Latino voters are putting some traditionally Republican States (including North Carolina and Georgia) in the undecided column.

Having lost the 2012 nomination, Mitt Romney, Gingrich is eager to play a political role and emerged as one of the first supporters of Trump. Although ego bombastic, Gingrich is appointed as part of a chance to Trump. The question is whether there will be enough room for both of us.

Chris Christie â€" the Governor of New Jersey and former rival for the Republican nomination has turned into a loyal Trump's replacement. And Trump has already expressed its appreciation for Chris: "I think that Chris Christie is fantastic."

Trump said that Christie would make a great Attorney General. The name of Christie is one of the most mentioned when it comes to talking to Vice President. Personality-wise, Christie and Trump seems to be an obvious match. T rump has said that he wants beside a politician who can help govern.

However, Christie became very unpopular in his home State, after several political scandals and economic performance.

Jeff Sessions-Senator of Alabama was one of the first Republican Congress members to show their support for Trump. Is considered as one of the most conservative Republicans in the Senate. Sessions not only has the political experience to be Vice President, he also seems to like ' Donald '.

When Trump was asked about the likelihood of Sessions prove to be your Vice President, Trump said that Sessions would do "good things", according to CNBC, which suggests that he is held in very high regard by Trump. But, in April, Sessions said don't bet all the money in his name for Vice President.

Bob Corker-Senator from Tennessee would Trump the much needed sobriety and legislative experience. Corker is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and would be an invaluable asset for Trump, whose demonstrations in foreign policy still failed to inspire the community of experts from Washington, to say the least.

Corker is one of the few members of the Republican establishment have expressed their support for Trump. Corker is a connoisseur of scenes of Washington and a real estate millionaire who, most likely, if understood well with Trump.

Joni Ernst â€" Senator from Iowa is the first woman combat veteran in the Senate and is a little under the radar, although it has the support of some of the most considered elders of the party, like Senator John McCain, who identified it as a "great choice".

Ernst could be a smart choice for two reasons: it could help bridge the gap with the female electorate dug Trump. A strong conservative woman at his side, it could definitely help the Republican candidate facing Hillary Clinton.

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