sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2016

"Brexit means Brexit," British Minister of the Interior in the Chief Executive's race

May, who supported discreetly the permanence of the country in the European Union, was keen to stress that the British decision is taken and that now we need to make the best possible negotiation, but that it takes time:

"Brexit means Brexit. The campaign was fought, the vote, the turnout was high and the public gave their verdict.

There should be legislation until 2020. Everything should take place normally, in his time, without any kind of emergency budget. And article 50 should not be invoked until the British strategy is agreed and is clear, which means that article 50 should not be relied on before the end of this year, "said May.

Theresa May, 59, was appointed Minister of the Interior in 2010, by David Cameron. Undertook battles, according to own, tough, but managed to stay in Office after the re-election of Prime Minister in 2015.

Today I launch my campaign to be our next PM. Please read & share my vision of a country that works for everyone: TM

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