terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2016

Crans Montana Forum: migratory Crisis and new "Silk Road" in the center of the debate

Many of the participants are in agreement that we must find a long-term solution for peace in Syria. While it was considered that the effects of this crisis also will extend in time, as explains Tony Smith, Deputy Director General of the international think-tank on border control Borderpol.

"The British have voted to leave the European Union because they consider that the Union does not control the borders. When it comes to images in flat several external borders where people are not tracked correctly, when it comes to terrorists, who entered illegally in Europe, to carry out attacks in Paris or Brussels-get scared, "stresses Tony Smith.

Péter Medgyessy, former Hungarian Prime Minister, also believes that fear is the main explanation for so me Eastern European States refuse to receive refugees, "is a key question. These countries don't have a middle class, so middle-class values such as empathy and aid are not in the roots of society. In the Socialist era were not allowed this type of initiatives ".

One of the central themes of the Conference was the struggle for integration and prosperity of the peripheral European countries. For the Balkan countries the great goal remains membership of the European Union, as they stressed the Presidents of Montenegro and Albania. In addition, there are big stakes in projects such as the so-called "Silk Route", i.e. in connection with Asia. Maria Magdalena Grigore, Secretary of State for transport from Romania stated that "this session was very important because it gave us the opportunity to give prominence to the multilateral links among the large consumers and major producers in the world, on the one hand Europe and China".

Build this project is not easy: find funding for new infrastructure is difficult especially in times of crisis. Need time and much negotiation. Those responsible for this forum believe forums like this can have a key role in the achievement of these kind of projects. Jean-Paul Carteron, founder and Honorary Chairman of the Crans Montana Forum recalls that "the themes that we launched in our program are just a pretext to join personalities at the highest level. The great goal is to promote the meeting of these personalities. "

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