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Motherhood while refugees

The Jordan welcomes more than 650,000 refugees, most of them Syrians. Almost 165,000 are women of childbearing age. The average pregnant constant exceeds 16000. Globally, 60% of deaths related to childbirth has to do with urgent humanitarian contexts.

Zataari is the largest refugee camp in Jordan. It was created in 2012 to give shelter to the flood of Syrians who fled the war. Nowadays, live here more than 80000 people. Zataari became a small town, where the average pregnant women is 2000.

Etemad is Syria. Has 29 years and is four months pregnant. "This is my fifth pregnancy. My other children are well. It is the second that I have in this field. If I had stayed in Syria, my last child would have died, "says us.

But Etemad had serious complications during the last pregnancy. Is now accompanied by a clinical center run by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). "We received between 100 and 120 patients per day, I'd say 70 to 80 are pregnant women. In the first three months, we see them on a monthly basis; in the second quarter, every other week; starting at 36 weeks, every week until childbirth ", explains us the responsible, Rima Diab.

This centre opened in 2013. Is part of the network of UN agency supported in part by the humanitarian aid of the European Union. In just three years, the number of deliveries made more than 5500.

Shible Sahbani, Coordinator of UNFPA, stated that "the average is 10 per day, eight are childbirth and two c-sections are, which are held in the Moroccan hospital."

Here the birth rate is higher than in Jordan. All mothers have survived childbirth. Second Shible Sahbani, "after major crises, disasters, wars, there is a tendency to register more pregnancies which come so balance the human losses suffered during the conflict."

The support of the humanitarian aid to health centers like this all integrates European intervention outlined to support refugees received by Jordan. Peter Biro, the EU regional office, points out that "the European Union's humanitarian aid is provided from the beginning of the conflict. Have been allocated EUR 250,000,000 for assistance to refugees. The average of pregnant women in the field of Zataari is 2000. There are 20000 of childbearing age. Therefore, it is an area where we feel many needs. "

The truth is that, in addition to the conflict, some women face other nightmares when they arrive to the refugee camps. 10% to 15% of mothers of Zataari has less than 18 years. Forced marriages keep happening. Then you also bet on prevention.

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