segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2016

Putin extends hand to Erdogan while France doubts the reliability of Ankara

The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault called on the country to respect the rule of law and rules of European democracy, during an interview on the public channel of the country.

Ayrault also expressed reservations about the reliability of the Ankara Government in combating the Group Islamic State.

"We don't want to see purges. The State has to fully work. Those who tried to violate the Turkish democracy must be judged in the context of the rule of law. We don't want to see an arbitrary power, but a strengthened democracy. "

A message that should be remembered by the Council of EU Foreign Ministers, meeting Monday in Brussels.

A speech other than that coming from Moscow, where the failed coup seems to seal the reconciliation between Tayyip Erdogan and Putin.

The two Presidents will meet in the first week of August, for the first time since the incident that led to the crash of a Russian fighter, near the border with Syria, in November.

Putin called this Sunday to Erdogan to wish him a speedy return to constitutional order and stability. "

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