quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2016

Theresa May: An "Iron Lady" for the Brexit

Theresa May has won the battle to get to no. 10 Downing Street but, once in power, will start a battle even more difficult: divorce the United Kingdom from the European Union.

"Brexit means Brexit, and we will make it a success. There should be no expectations of permanercermos in the European Union. But we're going to need a Government to do serious social reforms, that make us a country that works for everyone ".

It was with this binding and unambiguous speech that Theresa May tried to reassure conservative party, facing the main competitors to the post of Prime Minister: the two headliners of the campaign by Boris Johnson, the former Chairman of the Board of London; Michael Gove, Minister of Justice, as well as Andrea Leadsom, Minister of State and energy.

This woman, of 59 years, he held various positions from 1999 to 2010 in the Shadow Government of the conservatives. David Cameron to be appointed Prime Minister wanted to reward her by assigning him the post of Minister of the Interior, who saved even after re-election in 2015.

The daughter of an Anglican priest, Theresa May graduated in geography at Oxford and worked some time at the Bank of England.

In 2002 became the first woman elected to the leadership of the Conservative Party (2002-2003). Stands out with a speech in which qualifies the tories, in the right time, "party of rattlesnakes"-nasty party, had many enemies.

Regarded as an extremely hard by their peers, May, while Minister of the Interior, had undertaken to reduce the quotas of immigrants to 100000 per year, promise I couldn't keep.

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