quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

Canadian family decided to live in the years ' 80

Blair McMillan, 26 years of age, your companion Morgan 27, Patey, and the couple's two sons, Trey, 5, and Denton, of 2, living as if they had returned to the years ' 80-no phones, computers and internet. Friends who visit are invited to share the same style of life during the time they spend with them. The experiment is expected to last a year.

They reveal of the photographs taken in a roller machine, video cassettes, movies have become accustomed to move in time to make purchases over the internet, use paper maps for travel.

Live like this for five months, and they say that the family life won with this change. Morgan Patey explained that relations have changed for the better, and the father, Blair McMillan, is glad they relearned to talk to children, during meals

They continue this experience during a year, but don't know if it will eventually decide to save some of the achievements of this return to the past.

Blair evokes the example of a diet with beneficial effects, "it's as if cut with the cheeseburgers to go on a diet â€" over the diet, you don't want to go back to cheeseburgers, because you got a success."

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