quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

The euronews correspondent in Baghdad, gives us his read on the situation on the ground in pós-votação.


The atmosphere here in Iraq, it is very tense. The elections have a major impact on the Iraqi people that are concerned about the lack of security that has lived at this stage. The Iraqis who voted in this election are optimistic about a change.

Civil aviation has already announced the reopening of Iraqi airspace was closed throughout the day and also the border that was closed to prevent possible security problems.

Kawtar Representative:

The Iraqis wanted to exercise his constitutional right and determine the fate of his country. The turnout may have been anticipated?


Taking into consideration the situation of the country it seems to me that Yes. The deterioration of conditions and political divisions have led some Iraqis, determined to get to the polling stations, to do so on foot, because the circulation of automobiles were prohibited throughout the day in Baghdad and other provinces. They preferred walking long distances and with high temperature, to vote. Are people determined to change this country to give him a better future.

But, at the same time, there are people who preferred to stay at home, not to vote for fear of attacks targeted at voting locations. The attacks on polling stations and residential complexes were the biggest concern for Iraqis, they suffer with this type of situations, attacks that concern, also, visitors to Iraq.

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