sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2014

Discovered planet solar extra-sistema

The desocoberta is due to the Kepler space telescope.

There is already a certainty: it has a temperature that allows the existence of liquid water. Therefore, may have life.

There is a brother of the Earth. But the scientist, Thomas Barclay, says it's from the same family:

"For now, we discovered a planet that is the same size as Earth and that receives energy in quantity very similar to the Earth. But revolves around a different star. So, instead of a ' twin Earth ', we found a ' cousin ' land ".

The dimensions are also very similar to those of Earth.

This is the first discovery of a planet outside the solar system. But the cientísticas are convinced that there will be more.

The international team responsible for the find was directed by Nasa scientists.

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

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