terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2014

High voltage in Eastern Ukraine in the face of uncertainty about military operation to dislodge separatist

Past the Government ultimatum, hundreds of Ukrainians demonstrated in Maidan square in Kiev to demand a vigorous action against pró-russos militants who control increasingly official buildings in the East of the country.

The Ukrainian Government said on Sunday have launched a "major counter-terrorism operation" against the separatists, but the army has not launched any military action, even after the deadline set by the interim President.

Still, Ukrainian special forces are mobilized only 70 kilometers from the town of Slaviansk, symbol of recent tensions and where the pró-russos militants control a large number of accesses, as well as the buildings of the police, security services and local administration.

The Russian and American Presidents discussed by telephone the situation tense in East Ukraine. Vladimir Putin reiterated that the accusations of interference from Moscow are "baseless speculation", while Barack Obama stated that "Russia's actions are not consistent or conducive" to a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

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