quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

Penalties to Russia: EU and USA with different levels of pressure in Moscow

The u.s. President, Barack Obama has ensured that "the goal is not to chase after Putin. The goal is to change your position in relation to what is happening in Ukraine and the consequences for the Russian economy. "

The Russian President not impressed and follows the war of words and provocations. Putin's reaction was immediate: "it is an attempt to pressure with unsuitable means. But let's live, let's move on and find other partners.

However, this Monday in Brussels, the European Union 28 Ambassadors met to decide a new wave of sanctions. Not only individuals but also affordable. But the meeting was mainly technical and little politics. A sign of European resistance in go further, despite all the speeches in the opposite direction. Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, a European Commission spokesman said: "we believe that these additional measures are an appropriate level given that begin being prepared new measures for a possible phase 3"

Once again, analysts doubt that the phase three arrive even entered into force. Let's see why: six Member States depend on between 80 and 100% of Russian gas. Seven, between 50 and 80%. The Germany 37% of the gas it consumes from Russia.

That is, in this context, any advancement in economic sanctions will cause divisions among Europeans. Both the EU side as on the side of Moscow there is a lot of money at stake. It is recalled that the European bloc is the target of 70% of the exports of natural gas from Russia. Therefore, only the United States are in a position that allows them to go further in respect of penalties.

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