terça-feira, 29 de abril de 2014

Ukraine: release of observers depends on lifting of EU sanctions

The self-proclaimed Mayor of Slaviansk, Ukraine, he warned, this Tuesday, while the European Union does not lift the sanctions no dialogue on the release of the OSCE observers. These military inspectors were not part of a specific mission but had come to Ukraine under the auspices of this multilateral organization.

On the ground the situation is confusing, especially for the inhabitants.

"Without a doubt that I am in favour of a unified Ukraine. Honestly, I'm sick of everything that's happening, the trade stopped, people are afraid to walk the streets, left, in General. Most shops is not working. I wish everything would ease, but not belong to Russia. Things would be better, "vents Danil, a young inhabitant of this town.

"I absolutely support this new situation. After hearing what they say in Kiev now, I favor even separation from Ukraine. When they call us terrorists or bandits, every day, that's too bad, "says Sergei, another inhabitant of Slaviansk.

Eastern Ukraine is still a powder keg. This Tuesday, about 3 thousand demonstrators invaded pró-russos a regional administration building in Luhansk.

However, the Mayor of Kharkiv, shot in the back on Monday, is in stable condition and was taken to a hospital in northern Israel.

Gennady Kernes is one of the most prominent Jewish politicians of Ukraine, he supported the pró-Rússia movements but retreated after being accused of fomenting separatism.

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