quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

Putin denies Russian separatist operations orchestration in Ukraine

The Russian President denied on Thursday the Kremlin's involvement in the separatist armed operations, in Eastern Ukraine. A direct program, broadcast by State television stations, Vladimir Putin answered questions from citizens.

Asked about the accusation of Western partners, a direct support of Moscow to recent events in Eastern Ukraine, the Russian President said that there is no in Ukraine other elements involved, in addition to the populations, adding that evidence of this is that "people do not hide the face":

"This is nonsense. In Eastern Ukraine, no Russian troops or special services, or military instructors. There is only the local population. The evidence is that people do not hide the face. This is what I responded to Western partners â€" those people live there, you can't get out of there, it's up to them to talk ", stressed the President of the Russian Federation.

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