terça-feira, 22 de abril de 2014

Russia: Medvedev minimizes damage of more international sanctions

The Russia is not concerned with the threat of being subjected to more international sanctions from the West. The possible aggravation of penalties left the United States for alleged failure to comply with the demands of Russian agreement reached with the European Union in Geneva last week, with a view to resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

A strategy known in times of crisis, the Russian Foreign Minister believes that this is the ideal time for new opportunities. Among them, specified in a speech in the middle of Dmitri Medvedev Russian Parliament, one of the ways is to find new customers in the East for energy exports, which is likely to be reduced in the West, although the diplomat consider "a bluff" the eventual increased EU import u.s. gas to reduce Russia's dependence on this sector.

"We are interested in diversifying exports. Now more than ever. Therefore, we are implementing solutions for oil and gas export to Asian countries and the Pacific. Particularly for China, but also for Japan and other countries, "said Medvedev.

The Geneva agreement also seems to be having little impact in improving relations between Moscow and Kiev. The same threat of u.s. sanctions led more, however, to Russia to answer this Tuesday with the eventual, and already mentioned previously, applying to Ukraine of a prepayment system on sale of gas.

In March are also unspecified retaliation from Moscow against VISA and MasterCard, both companies have credit associated to international sanctions on Russia and blocked some business transactions.

With Russia having already in development an alternative credit system, Medvedev believes that the performance of the two companies "is arguably a violation of existing agreements with these credit systems". "I believe that this can't go unpunished," adding it was, however, this conduct to serve as a stimulus to the creation of an alternative system of payments to credit.

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