quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2014

Ukraine: reverse flow of gas will be energy response of the West

"An American team is currently working in the region with Ukrainian colleagues to increase the short-term energy supply. I just got off the phone with numerous neighbors your talking about long-term improvements, so that no nation,-I want to be precise â€" for Russia never use energy as a political weapon against Ukraine and Europe, "said Biden.

One of the options to feed energy to Ukraine is from the so-called "reverse flow" of gas from Slovakia.

Mykhailo Honchar is American analyst Strategy XXI and asserts that "the reverse flow of gas from Slovakia's most urgent errands. This step may bear fruit this year â€" even if partially. And this is something that Ukraine needs a critically. That is why the position of the United States in this matter can encourage the Slovak Government to make this decision ".

The Russian State company Gazprom raises legal issues about the process of reverse flow.

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