quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2014

South Korea: increases the official number of dead in the sinking of the ferry Sewol

The official number of dead in the sinking of the ferry off the Sewol South Korea is 146, while divers are continuing their search to rescue more than 150 people missing, mostly secondary school students.

With the visibility in the water, the divers advance blindly in the maze of corridors and cabins of the "ferry" of four bridges fully submerged.

The South Koreans had trouble understanding that a tragedy of these dimensions may have happened in your country. Now the hopes of finding any survivors are practically nil and families press divers to recover the bodies as quickly as possible, before they get too damaged.

"The family had hope that there were survivors still inside the ship, but have started to give up the idea and accept the reality. Now I just want to recover the corpses for funerals. See this, breaks your heart, "said a priest.

The relatives of the missing focus every morning at the port of Jindo dog and await the arrival of rescue boats, of which are landed, the increasingly frequent intervals, the bodies recovered.

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