segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Afghanistan: hundreds of evacuees say they don't have enough to eat

A convoy of humanitarian aid arrived, this Monday, the Abi Barik, but many evacuees say they have not received any food.

The authorities have already discontinued the search, the Afghan Government estimates more than 2 thousand the number of missing persons:

"Six members of my family are in the mud, we are living in a tent that we came up with ourselves, still didn't give us shelter, blankets or food," says Mohammad Bay one of the homeless.

For now, and according to the UN mission on the ground, were recovered about 350 bodies.

The landslide happened after two days of heavy rains, at least 300 houses, of more than a thousand, were completely buried.

According to official records this disaster is only surpassed by the 1998 earthquake in Takhar province, that killed at least 3,500 people.

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