segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Ukraine: "Odessa, Russian town"?

For unity of Ukraine, hundreds of people demonstrated tonight in Odessa, the southern city that was the scene of deadly clashes in recent days.

At a time when the authorities seem powerless to contain the violence, the new police Chief of Odessa has ensured that "those who violated the law and committed crimes will be prosecuted" for justice.

A young protester said he was out to "protect the citizens of pró-russos activists who want to Odessa to join the Russian Federation."

Sunday afternoon, in Odessa, was marked by the assault of about a thousand separatists russófilos to the police headquarters, which eventually release more than six dozen militants arrested during the bloody clashes on Friday.

"Odessa, Russian town", screamed the Russian-speaking mob and the prosecution ended up freeing those who participated in the riots "by requirement of the protesters," according to a police statement.

The interim Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseny Iatseniuk, visited this Sunday to Odessa, where he blamed the police for the tragic events of Friday made more than 40 dead: "If the security agencies worked, then these terrorists should have been neutralized," he said, stating that all senior officials of the Odessa Police Department were dismissed. Istseniuk ensured that "justice will find all instigators, all the organizers and all the performers who, under Russian leadership, led this deadly attack".

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