segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Separatists pró-russos invade police headquarters in Odessa

About 2 thousand pró-russos activists stormed the police headquarters in the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

The separatists demanded the release of the 120 people arrested after Friday's incidents that caused more than 40 deaths. The protesters began by shouting slogans against security forces that if they buried inside. Used after two trucks to take down the entrance gate.

Unable to contain the crowd, the police just by unleashing at least 10 of the detainees.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseny Iatseniuk, doesn't believe in coincidences:. "It is a tragedy to Odessa and for the whole Ukraine when dozens of people are victims of a provocation and a plan previously organized."

Words aimed at accusing Russia of fomenting the violence in the city. Friday's clashes between separatists and supporters of pró-russos Government of Kiev ended with 46 dead. Some were shot, but most lost his life in a fire of criminal origin.

The European Union has already asked for the opening of an independent inquiry to determine responsibilities.

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