domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

Ukrainian forces recover Kramatorsk

The forces loyal to Kiev took control of the city of Kramatorsk, in Eastern Ukraine.

The military offensive continues in the Centre of Slaviansk who continues in the hands of the separatists pró-russos.

The fighting occurring in a region of the country with large reserves of shale gas. An alternative that can change Ukraine's energy dependence vis-à-vis Russia.

The mood in several Ukrainian cities is civil war. The separatists pró-russos do what they can to prevent the advance of the army. In Lugansk, the self-proclaimed Governor mobilized every available man and launched an appeal to Ukrainian law enforcement: to join the rebellion.

In the industrial city of Donestsk, the headquarters of the security services is in the hands of the separatists, as well as several public buildings and private companies. This we see in the images was looted and then destroyed.

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