domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Angola: Visit of Li Keqiang will strengthen friendship and cooperation with China

In the aftermath of the Chinese ruler's visit to Luanda, the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, said that the date of negotiations with China had results "highly positive" and served to strengthen further cooperation and ties of friendship between the two countries.

In turn, the Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang, said that six were initialled cooperation agreements, stressing that the development of Angola is the great opportunity of the development of China and vice versa.

Angola is following Saudi Arabia, the second largest supplier of oil to China: only in the first quarter of 2014 sent 10.66 million tons, representing an increase of 10 percent.

Is also a source of income for the dozens of Chinese companies operating in the country and more than a thousand Chinese 258 who were given visas to work in Angola.

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