sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

United Nations condemns kidnapping of Nigerian youths

The UN Security Council expressed outrage at the abduction of almost three hundred young people at a school in Nigeria.

The abduction was carried out by the extremist Islamic Group Boko Haram that calls for the creation of Islamic State in Nigeria.

All over the world are increasing manifestations of revolt and increase the pressures to which the young are released.

According to Amnesty International, the Nigerian army could have avoided abduction because he obtained information regarding the imminence of an attack.

The global mobilization has increased pressures on the Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan who is criticized by the slowness with which it reacted to this case.

"As a parent and President of this country, I feel the pain. I won't sleep soundly while these young people are not released and reunited with their families, "said the President.

Jonathan says still believe that young girls are still in the national territory not having crossed the border toward the Cameroon.

The American first lady has joined the global campaign against the kidnapping of young people.

In an unprecedented act, Michelle Obama replaces this week the President in his weekly radio address.

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