sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

USA recognize Chinese contribution in 19th-century railroad

The descendants of Chinese immigrants participated on Friday in a ceremony that celebrated the 145 years about putting, in Utah, the final part of the railway that would allow completing the connection by train.

This recognition of the United States by the contribution of Chinese immigrants rail comes at a time when China revealed the next project for the construction of a railway line for high-speed trains (TGV) between Beijing and Washington.

The project was revealed by the newspaper Beijing Times, which cites a rail expert from the Chinese Academy of engineering to explain that the path coming out of China by the weighted Northwest, passing through Siberia and across the Pacific through a submerged tunnel in the Bering Strait to Alaska. Hence, the directions thought to Beijing-Washington TGV followed by Canada to the United States.

If confirmed, this renovated train Alliance between Chinese and Americans â€" from the estimated average speed of 350 kilometres per hour of a TGV-would call the approximately 13 000 kilometres of rail line laid down in less than two days and would represent a competitive alternative to air routes.

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