sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2014

Detention of suspected exploitation causes Gerry Adams politician

Martin McGuinness, the Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, said "this arrest as a deliberate attempt to influence the outcome of elections scheduled for within three weeks in the North and South of the island".

Now Peter Robinson, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, stated that all you can say is that the people know that no one is above the law strengthens the political process in Northern Ireland ".

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, also rejected the charges of political use, saying that the judiciary is independent, both in England and in Northern Ireland and ensured that there was no political interference in this matter.

In December 1972, Jean McConville, a mother of ten children, was kidnapped outside his home in West Belfast. The IRA suspected was a spy in the service of the British police and eventually acknowledge responsibility for his death. The body was found only in 2003 on a beach in Northern Ireland.

Gerry Adams guarantees be completely innocent and not having "any participation" in crime, one of the most controversial cases of the 30 years of violence that marked the Northern Ireland to the peace accords of 1998.

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