sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2014

Egypt elections: candidate of the Left rejects Muslim Brotherhood

The relentless fighting that started against the Muslim Brotherhood makes its supporters recognise him the strength needed to restore security and reflate the economy.

There is a single opponent to face â€" the leader of Hamdeen Sabahi Egyptian left. Tireless opponent, assumed as the political heir of Nasser. He became known in the aftermath of the presidential elections of 2012, having achieved the third position. This time, waiting to turn Sabahi prognoses and agreed to speak with our correspondent in Cairo, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim.

Hamdeen Sabahi, presidential candidate: "I intend to achieve what the Egyptian people have requested during the revolutions. A successful State is proof of a successful revolution. I'm going to fight for social justice, by restoring the rights of most people in the distribution of wealth, creating a democratic State that can protect the freedoms and prevent discrimination. More, to open the door to a rule of law, with equal opportunities and independence of decisions taken at national level. "

Hamdeen Sabahi, presidential candidate: "the Muslim Brotherhood will not return while party, because the Constitution forbids religious parties. However, this concerns only the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization, not the individuals itself. I have in mind the need not to allow discrimination motivated by political positioning, since he be defended peacefully. Let's tackle the issue of violence, those who call for violent acts, and we will not accept any violation of freedoms and the right of Egyptians to express peacefully their views. "

Hamdeen Sabahi, presidential candidate: "Taking the State television, I don't see equal opportunities in the private media."

Hamdeen Sabahi, presidential candidate: "Those who hold the private media defend their own interests. The Egyptian State has influence in these elections, it is notorious daily. However, I accept the elections under the influence of the State, favoring a candidate, but what I ask is that there is no fraud. If there are, let's face it. "

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