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Eurovision 2014: Austrian Transvestite shines in second semi-final

Thomas Neuwirth, of 25 years, shemale since 2006, says: "I don't want to be a woman. I'm a very lazy at home and I don't want to change that ". The truth is that it was as a bearded lady who took the stage, the crowd roared and conquered the voters. "I created this character to show everyone that we can accomplish anything. I will never make my beard, "promised Thom ... forgiveness, Conchita Wurst.

In short, this second semi-final confirmed that English is the dominant language in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Of the 15 projects that took the stage Thursday, only Ireland, whose official language is English, turned to native language. But they are the only ones of the night to respect the roots didn't do much to the Irish, which like the Portuguese two days before in the language of Camões, had a "clean getaway" Eurovision logo in the semi-finals.

In the final, will be, however, four countries in competition to make the mother tongue â€" three of them established directly to the final, France, Italy and, of course, the United Kingdom. Montenegro voted in the semi-final on Tuesday, in which the theme written in Portuguese by Emanuel and sung by Suzy turned out not to be in the ear of the electorate.

Beyond Ireland, this Thursday dictated also goodbye to Georgia, Israel, Lithuania and Macedonia.

Eis 10 os apurados desta segunda-meia-final: Aústria: Conchita Worse, "Rise Like a Phoenix"; Bielorrússia: Teo, "Cheesecake"; Eslovénia: Tinkara Kovac, "Round and Round"; Finlândia: Softengine, "Something Better"; Grécia: Freaky Fortune com RiskyKidd, "Rise Up"; Malta: Firelight, "Coming Home"; Noruega: Carl Espen, "Silent Storm"; Polónia: Donatan & Cleo, "My SÅ‚owianie â€" We Are Slavic" Roménia: Paula Seling & OVI, "Miracle"; Suíça: Sebalter, "Hunter of Stars".

The calculated in the first semi-final: Armenia: Aram MP3, "Not Alone"; Azerbaijan: Dilara KAzimova, "Start the Fire"; Netherlands: The Common Linnets, "Calm After the Storm"; Hungary: András Kállay-Saunders, "Running"; Iceland: Pollapönk, "No Prejudice"; Montenegro: Sergej Sergey, "Moj Svijet"; Russia: Tolmachevy Sisters, "Shine"; San Marino: Valentina Monetta, "Maybe (Forse)"; Sweden: Sanna Nielsen, "Undo"; Ukraine: Mariya Yaremchuk, "Tick-Tock."

Qualificados diretamente para a final: Alemanha: Lais, "Is it Right"; Spanish: Ruth Lorenzo, "Dancing in the Rain"; França: TWIN TWIN, "Moustache"; Itália: Emma, "La Mia Cittá"; Reino Unido: Molly, "Children of the Universe."

Host country: Denmark: Basim, "cliché Love Song."

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