sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014

European countries discuss combat the recruitment of "jihadists"

Together they discussed preventive measures of the growing problem of youngsters who flock to Nations such as Syria, if radicalize each other, and return to the old continent in the service of terrorist ideals.

"There are young people looking for an adventure. It's kind of sad to say it, but must have exhausted the joys of video games on the internet and think that halting wars is exciting, "warned Gilles de Kerchove, counter-terrorism coordinator of the European Union.

Operational measures on the table are now confined to the walls of the meeting room to ensure a more efficient combat the problem.

"Our goal is to ensure that all legal means are mobilized to identify the operational sectors of jihad in all aspects of their activities," explains the French Minister of the Interior, Bernanrd Cazeneuve.

The Belgian counterpart, Joëlle Milquet, adds: "I'm glad to see that our services cooperate increasingly.We exchanged good practices and on the basis of information exchanged created national programmes that are increasingly ambitious and effective. "

The meeting this Thursday to discuss the problem was the fourth since June 2013. The novelty is the inclusion of South Mediterranean countries and Turkey, a privileged access platform on the route to Syria.

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