quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

International mobilisation by youth abducted in Nigeria

Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani militant who survived a Taliban attack, said that the more than 200 young people kidnapped in Nigeria are as their "sisters". Malala criticised the Islamist group Boko Haram: ensures that they do not understand Islam and studied the Quran.

The world of the show also appear manifestation of support for Nigerian students. The actress Angelina Jolie considered this Act a atrocity: "I am absolutely disgusted with all of this and, above all, with the fact that the young people, right now, may be terrified, abused and sold. And it's not just because the terrorists claim that the girls have no right to education, which is absolutely wrong, is terrible. Of course you have this right, it is very important for young girls. But now they are treated as objects, they will be raped ... and if the world doesn't do anything, will continue to do the same thing and it opens a horrible precedent ".

The Muslim community there have been voices of condemnation of this Act. The prestigious Islamic University of Al-Azhar in Cairo has ensured that any aggression to teenagers is "completely contrary to the teachings of Islam" and ordered the "immediate release".

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