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Farage and Le Pen is looking for allies

Marine Le Pen in France, Nigel Farage in England, are the big winners of the European elections. With respectively 25 and 27.5% of the vote, passed first time ahead of the traditional parties. But these two anti-Union will now confront European populists.

In his first statements after the ballot, the leader of UKIP did not hide the satisfaction: "This is an earthquake in British politics. Is an admirable result and I believe that will have profound consequences for the leaders of other parties "

Strong of its 24 members, Farage hopes to save in Parliament his group Europe of freedom and Democracy. But he says he will not accept any alliance with the national front, which is considered "anti-Semitic".

The national front will stand in the European Parliament the same number of Deputies. A group must have at least 25, but seven different countries. And it is here that the task to form a parliamentary group thickens, for Le Pen as to Farage.

This Wednesday, Marine Le Pen and the heads of four other parties already allies â€" the Austrian FPO Dutch PVV, the Italian Northern League and the Belgian Vlaams Belang announced their Alliance at a press conference. Le Pen left a message to Nigel Farage: "it is a Mr Farage's strategic. Is at the head of a group and would like to continue. Of course, I would also like that we could not form our group. Well, Nigel, I regret to inform you that we will create our group. "

The parliamentary group Europe of freedom and democracy was composed of eleven parties, lost some with these elections. On the other side, is Marine Le Pen and some non-aligned parties with Farage.

Those who are in conditions of preserving Farage, is the True Finns party and the Danish people's Party, while Le Pen has secured four acolytes, after Northern League have let Farage for his own benefit.

There are still some unknowns, such as the lituaniano order and Justice Party, which hesitate to continue with Farage, and two newcomers: the Confederation of Independent Poland (KPN) and the alternative for Germany (AFD).

With extremists of Jobbik, the Hungarian Golden Dawn Greek and German neo-nazi NPD party â€" for now not even Le Pen want Farage alliances.

The alternative for Germany, with its seven members, is one of the keys of these games of alliances, but is not the only one. The Swedish Democrats Party or movement 5 Stars Italian can tip the scales. Finally, it can happen that Farage and Le Pen show forced to join forces.

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