sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014

Italy: Berlusconi starts community service

Berlusconi will have to meet four hours per week for a year at a Catholic institution for treatment of patients with Alzheimer's near Milan.

"It's something unique: a former Prime Minister, elected three times, which ends up doing community service after being convicted. I confess that I never before covered an event of this nature, this is the first time "said a journalist from the Al-Jazeera channel that was to cover the event.

Upon arrival, Berlusconi refused to speak to the press. A trade unionist, dressed as a clown, shouted slogans against the former ruler stating want to see Berlusconi behind bars.

"I want to say to Berlusconi that, we, the Italian people, we have a dream to see him inside the prison of San Vittore," shouted Pippo Fiorito, trade unionist of the CUB.

Berlusconi lost the seat of Senator upon conviction for tax fraud.

His party, Forza Italia, has less than 20% of voting intentions. Still, Berlusconi remains one of the most popular figures of the Italian right.

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